USCAP Knowledge Hub/Pathology Portal


USCAP Knowledge Hub/Pathology Portal:

You can find FOR FREE anytime the following: 

  • The Table of Contents (or KeyWord Searches) 2400 educational modules by world-renowned pathology educators
  • 100 Short Courses (2002-2010) 
  • Over 500 Virtual Slides, fully annotated
  • Our 2011 Virtual Meeting in San Antonio
  • A dozen of our Plenary Lectures
  • Our 5000 plus scientific abstracts for the past 3 years
  • Posters2View (you can print out the exact poster displayed in black and white, or in color 
  • Our 2011 Annual meeting Specialty Conferences and Companion Society handouts
  • Pathology Links to the IAP Divisions and Dozens of Companion Societies and other Pathology Sources
  • Rosai´s Collection (of his 19,000 slides from thousands of his conferences
  • Career Center (Jobs)
  • The USCAP Newsletters