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6th EUROPALS pathology test

From november 17-30 we offer the 6th EUROPALS pathology test for trainees (and pathologists). The test consists of 89 questions, partly straight multiple choice questions, partly still image based and partly virtual slide based, and extended matching questions. The chosen level is that of a trainee at the end of a residency programme. The test comprises of questions with a purely diagnostic orientation, molecular pathology test items and mechanism of disease oriented questions. After finishing the test you will immediately receive a test score. The test is purely formative: a tool for self assessment. The results are kept anonymously.

You can take the test by logging on to the website: with your own password. If you have no login/password yet you can obtain one on the website.

The test takes approximately 2-2,5 hours. The best way to do the test is in one.


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