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Action Plan: Collective Membership of the ESP


The ESP has decided to enhance its interactions with National Societies of Pathology in Europe. From 2011, European Congresses will be annual and provide an opportunity for the ESP to liaise more effectively with national societies, thereby contributing to the development of our discipline in Europe. If, in the process of building a European identity for Pathology, the National Societies constitute the metaphorical ‘building blocks', the ESP intends to function as their ‘binding mortar'. The first consequence of this intention has been the formalization of the role of the Advisory Council, representing the National Societies.

As a result, National Societies will have a more explicit role in contributing to strategic decisions made by the ESP and will benefit from the societies educative and scientific efforts. In this process, the notion of collective ESP membership of (members) of a National Society is a logical next step. In the long term, the ESP might even develop into a Federation of National Societies closely collaborating with the IAP sections of Europe and the UEMS.

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