About us

The Spanish Society of Pathology (in Spanish: Sociedad Española de Anatomía Patológica, SEAP) is a medical-scientific society founded in 1959 and currently headed by Dr. José Palacios during the 2017-2019 Biennium.

Its purpose is to encourage and promote Pathology and Cytology studies to improve the quality of care, teaching and research of the specialty and among its members. It organizes and participates in local and national scientific meetings (the biennial national conference, annual meetings and several local courses) coordinated by the president or the local representatives, and international meetings as well.

It also promotes and provides quality assurance systems for the activities of the specialty through online and classroom courses. The SEAP also aims to strengthen relations with scientific and cultural bodies and other related scientific societies as well as represent Spanish pathologists in international societies of pathology.

Similarly, the SEAP has a scientific journal, the Spanish Journal of Pathology, Patología (Elsevier), which was founded in 1968, is published on a quarterly basis and is indexed in Scopus, IBECS, and PubMed/Medline. We invite members of the European Society of Pathology among other pathologists to publish their scientific articles there. Similarly, it presents advice to the governing authorities and the population on the aspects of pathology, prevention campaigns and health education. In this regards, it works to diffuse its scientific, educational and research through its website and social media content.

We encourage you to be part of the SEAP!