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Atlas of Ocular Pathology

Autor Amin, S.Z.
ISBN-13 9781852334871
Editorial Springer
Edicion 1
FechaPublicacion Febrero 2013 (Previsto)
Paginas 200
Idioma en
Precio 149,95 € (Orientativo)

Exam orientated quick reference handbook
Quality color photographs, with various magnifications
Useful for general pathologists for reference

Atlas of Ocular Pathology is aimed primarily at trainee ophthalmologists. It provides trainees with access to resources and expertise prior to the examination. Ocular pathology is a highly specialised subspecialty and an ‘expert in their pocket' will therefore be invaluable aid to them. The atlas consists of a collection of colour photographs of ocular pathology specimens to illustrate particular features of a disease. Accompanying these are short notes explaining the principle features of each disease highlighting key words and phrases applicable to specimens that will be invaluable for the examination candidate. With a variety of magnification changes and good quality colour photographs, this atlas will also be useful for practicing general pathologists, neuropathologists who examine ocular specimens and other eye care professionals including optometrists.