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Modern Immunohistochemistry + CD-ROM (Series: Cambridge Illustrated Surgical Pathology)

  • Chu, Peiguo
  • Weiss, Lawrence
ISBN-13 9780521874304
Editorial Cambridge
Edicion 1
FechaPublicacion Agosto 2009
Paginas 712
Formato 22 x 29 x 3 cms.
Idioma en
Precio 138,08 €

Diagnostic pathology is an inherently flawed science due to the many possible interpretations of various tissues. However, the application of immunohistochemical stains as a diagnostic tool has been widely used since the 1990s as an extremely effective ancillary technique that removes much subjectivity from the practice. In fact, immunohistochemistry has supplanted simple morphologic evaluation as the definitive diagnostic method for a wide array of tumor types. This book offers a new and modern atlas-based resource for this science. Every anatomic region is covered in detail, and major diseases contain side-by-side examples of other ancillary staining techniques for comparison. The text is geared toward both the resident and practitioner of anatomic pathology and is supplemented with histograms, algorithms, and guides to the application and interpretation of uncommon antigens and immunostains. Not only is the book illustrated with more than 600 high-quality photomicrographs, but a companion CD-ROM of all images in downloadable format is included.

• Comprehensively covers all diseases for which immunohistochemistry is the best diagnostic tool • Side by side comparisons of ancillary staining techniques, accompanied by algorithms and histograms • Illustrated with over 600 full-color photomicrographs, accompanied by CD-ROM of all images in downloadable format