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II Workshop - CD30 Positive Lymphoid Malignancies

Lugar de celebración:
Santander, Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla
Fecha de inicio:
04 de July de 2016
Fecha de finalización:
06 de July de 2016
Más información:
This is an educational activity, developed by the Pathology Service in the Hospital Universitario Marques de Valdecilla and supported by a grant from TAKEDA, designed to improve the diagnostic capacity of haematopathologists across the
world, with special focus in Asia, Latinoamerica, Africa, Australia and East-Europe
This July 4-6th Workshop is the second of a series of Workshops, where we are addressing the diagnostic criteria for the recognition of CD30-positive malignancies –Hodgkin lymphoma, Gray-zone lymphoma, Anaplastic Large Cell
Lymphoma and cutaneous CD30 positive disorders– through a combination of :
- Introductory talks.
- Discussion of a reference case collection, previously accessible through digital slides.
- Joint discussion on multiheaded microscopes of consultation cases, previously provided by the participants.