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Virtual slide and virtual microscopy for teaching, diagnosis and research

  • Gu, Jiang
  • Ogilvie, Robert W
ISBN-10 0-8493-2067-4
Edicion 1
FechaPublicacion Junio 2005
Paginas 376
Encuadernacion Tapa dura
Idioma en
Precio 140,83 €

Despite a brief history, the technologies of virtual microscopy and virtual slides have captured the imagination of many, especially this current crop of students. Having come of age in the computer and Internet age, this emerging group of technicians and researchers tends to display a distinct preference for virtual slides and virtual microscopes. With many pathologists, morphologists, and microscopists already putting the virtual microscope to work, it will soon replace the light microscope as the instrument of choice for many applications.

Virtual Microscopy and Virtual Slides in Teaching, Diagnosis, and Research is the first volume that specifically deals with virtual microscopy and its various applications. Within its pages, you will find an in-depth presentation of the current state of microscopy, written by those pioneers and experts whose inventions and innovative applications have shaped and will continue to shape this exciting new technology.

You will also discover complete coverage of a wide range of very real uses for this virtual technology, from applications in teaching, to diagnosis and research; each accompanied by numerous examples.

Virtual Microscopy and Virtual Slides in Teaching, Diagnosis, and Research will provide you with a clear and complete view of this technology of the future that is already dramatically changing  the way microscopic images are captured, transmitted, evaluated, and stored.