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101 Congreso de la Sociedad Alemana de Patología

Portada del libro
Lugar de celebración:
Elangen, Alemania
Fecha de inicio:
22 de junio de 2017
Fecha de finalización:
24 de junio de 2017
Más información:
Dear Colleagues,
I want to invite you to the 101. Annual Meeting of the German Society of Pathology e. V. (DGP) which will take place as joint meeting with the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neuropathology and Neuroanatomy (DGNN) from June 22nd to 24th 2017 in Erlangen. The meeting will be organized in cooperation with the Bamberger Morphologietage and the German Division of the International Academy of Pathology (IAP).
The General Theme of the meeting 2017 will be:
Pathology: Innovation and Cooperation
Main Topics are:
- Head and Neck Pathology.
- Pathology and immunotherapy.
- Role of pathology in hereditary cancer syndroms.
Pathology has changed in the last years with introduction of molecular pathology beside classical histopathological diagnostics in our daily work. Especially the introduction of new tumors-specific therapies and new immunotherapies for cancer requires a much closer cooperation between pathology and other specialities like Human Genetics or Immunology.
This is the reason that we will discuss in the Annual Meeting 2017 the molecular pathological predictive diagnostics as one of the main topics.
Furthermore we will focus on the role of pathology in the diagnostics of hereditary cancer syndromes and the new requirements of pathology in the response prediction for the new immunotherapies.
The development of new methods of Next Generation Sequencing opens us new opportunities for diagnostic molecular pathology to characterize genetic alterations in malignant tumors.
We will discuss this new opportunities and the structures which have been developed to include these results into patient care in the new section of the meeting “Molecular Tumor Board”.
A further topic of discussion will be the role of the pathologist in prediction of response to new immunotherapies. In the meeting we will invite many leading immunologist and discuss new methods for modelling the immune system in cancer patients.
We also are inviting the technicians for a specific one day teaching course organized together with the Bamberger Morphologietage.
We would be glad to see you at the meeting in Erlangen.
Prof. Dr. med. Arndt Hartmann
Meeting President 
Prof. Dr. med. Peter Schirmacher
Head of the German Society of Pathology.

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