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4th Annual Course – Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry for Pathologists

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Lugar de celebración:
Fecha de inicio:
17 de octubre de 2017
Fecha de finalización:
19 de octubre de 2017
Más información:

To provide updated diagnostically relevant information on immunohistochemical markers, useful antibodies, optimal clones and antibody panels applicable in diagnostic pathology as well as highlight the possible laboratory and diagnostic pitfalls. The course will consist of series of lectures focusing on broad fields in diagnostic pathology and selected relevant topics, as well as case demonstrations based on virtual slides. Given recommendations will be based on the results of the relevant epitope assessments conducted in  EQA programs and focused on protocol optimization and standardization.
The organizers will apply for CME credits (ECMEC) from the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).