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Telepathology and telemedicine

  • Kayser, Klaus
  • Szymas, Janusz
  • Weinstein Ronald S
ISBN-13 978-3-86542-001-5
Edición 1
Fecha de publicación 2005
Número de páginas 259
Idioma en
Precio 56 €
This completely revised second edition of the first monograph on telemedicine and telepathology reflects the dramatic advances taking place in these rapidly evolving, telecommunications-enabled, medical fields. Telemedicine and telepathology have both matured as clinical tools and are being used in many countries. New types of health care organizations are emerging. For example, "virtual pathology institutions" are being established to allow international surgical pathology authorities to form ad hoc expert panels that review current problem cases over the Internet. New technologies include plans to completely digitalize histological slides and generate automated computerized diagnosis. They will influence the publication procedures for medical science and research, and enrich the educational experiences of students and medical practitioners.

How does the world of medical informatics work? What are its roots? How rapidly will informatics-driven patient-centric healthcare develop and expand? How will it influence the patients' diagnosis, treatment and care? Which changes might be expected to become commonplace in medical practice? Will the developing countries and underdeveloped nations participate or be left behind?

This monograph discusses the theoretical basis, historical overview, and clinical applications of telemedicine and telepathology. Cost–benefit considerations for telehealth are included as well as a discussion of the socioeconomic impact of telecommunications on the health care industry. The influence and feedback of social behavior are described, as well as the interrelationships between medical requirements and technical innovations in the 21st century. This book is written by scholars who study the past in order to anticipate the future.