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Virtual Microscopy - Fundamentals - Applications - Perspectives of Electronic Tissue-based Diagnosis

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  • Kayser, K
  • Molnar B
  • Weinstein, RS
ISBN-10 3-86542-006-0
Edición 1
Fecha de publicación 2006
Número de páginas 216
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Precio 58 €

Virtual microscopy or the diagnostic work with a completely digitized glass slide opens a new world in tissue – based diagnosis. What is the theoretical background of virtual microscopy and its proper application? What are the specific working conditions of tissue – based diagnosis in its conventional and its computerized manner? Which changes might be expected in become commonplace in medical practice? To which extend a computerized diagnosis system can replace human findings and statements?
This monograph discusses the theoretical basis, historical overview, and clinical applications of virtual microscopy and computerized diagnostic pathology. It describes the historic roots and basic laws of communication and diagnostics in health care. The hallmarks of development in light microscopy are included as well as analysis and quantification of histological images. Commercially available hard- and software systems are analyzed in respect to cost–benefit relation, performance and workflow embedding. Potential future development in terms of application, continuous education, research, and socioeconomic impact is included as well as a discussion of distributed information and knowledge concepts (Grid technology). Based upon its roots this book addresses to anticipate the future of tissue – based diagnosis.