Bursaries to support young pathologists to the 29th International Congress of the IAP

The IAP, supported by many IAP Divisions, is pleased to announce the availability of Bursaries to support young pathologists to attend the Congress (


The requirements are:

  1. Applicants should be from under-served countries;
  2. Applicants should be less than 40 years old;
  3. Applicants must present an abstract (oral or poster) at the Congress – the abstracts should be submitted in the usual manner to the Congress website ;
  4. Bursary Recipients should participate in mentoring or other Bursary-related activities during the Congress;
  5. Bursary recipients should write a brief report to the IAP after the Congress
  6. Bursary recipients should share the educational materials of the Congress (CDs, handouts etc) with pathologists of their home countries

Applications should reach the Education Committee of the IAP by June1, 2012.  Please send to both the Chair, H.K. Ng ( and Assistant Secretary of the IAP, Charles Ramey (


Applications should consist of:

  1. A covering letter saying why one is applying
  2. A brief c.v., including age, full address, email address and career status.   If there is an IAP division in the home country of the applicant, that should be stated
  3. Names, full addresses and email addresses of two referees
  4. Abstract to be intended to be presented at the Congress

Please note the following additional information:

  • The amount awarded will vary depending on whether the recipient needs to travel a long distance and also is unlikely to cover ALL fees for attending the Congress.  However, Bursary recipients will be given a Concession Registration Fee for the Congress.  Please check the Registration section of the website or Professor Martin Hale.
  • A very small number of Senior Pathologist Bursaries (>40 yrs) are available.  These are funded separately from the other Bursaries and applications should be made via the same channels as listed above.
  • Applicants who feel that they want more advice on potential projects or abstracts can contact either the Congress President, Martin Hale ( or Chair of the Education Committee, H.K. Ng ( 
  • There are independent funds for bursaries from Sub-Sahara Africa through efforts of the Friends of Africa-USCAP and young pathologists there are especially encouraged to apply.

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact either Martin Hale or H.K. Ng AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.


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