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XII Molecular Cytopathology

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Lugar de celebración:
Naples Italy
Fecha de inicio:
11 de diciembre de 2023
Fecha de finalización:
12 de diciembre de 2023
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It’s a great honour and pleasure to meet you in Naples for the XII Edition of the Molecular Cytopathology Congress on the 11th and the 12th of December!


Our International Congress, focusing on the modern molecular cytopathology, will bring together experts from around the world to provide an integrated multidisciplinary approach.


In this rapidly evolving era of molecular cytopathology, modern cytopathologists and molecular biologists play together a key role in bridging the gap between conventional microscopy and novel molecular technologies.


The XII Edition of Molecular Cytopathology Congress will provide a perspective on the evolution of molecular pathology in the field of cytopathology with updates on cytological and molecular issues.